About Us
Over the last 24 years Barrisol®Vic has established itself as the official Barrisol® supplier in Melbourne. It’s approach towards quality service and customer satisfaction ensures we will deliver your project  as designed. We will be with you every step of the way from our 1st design concept meeting, to provision of samples, prototypes and design details to installation to finally admiring your completed design.  
Barrisol®Vic have been involved in some of the biggest construction and design projects throughout Melbourne, completing work for Melbourne Zoo, Crown Promenade and the entire North atrium  Federation Square and the Deakin Edge.  Next time you are at Federation Square look up and see our 7,000 square meters of dual layer Barrisol acoustic translucent and acoustic custom frames!    
Barrisol®Vic Team
Led by Andrew Stewart, the Barrisol®Vic are industry professionals with years of combined experience, working hard to implement your designs and  trust in  Barrisol® installations across  Melbourne.
Speak to a team member today to discover the difference that Barrisol® can make in any major construction undertaking or redevelopment project.
Authorised Barrisol® Supplier In Melbourne
Founded in 1994, Barrisol®Vic  has supplied and installed over 100,000 square meters of Barrisol across Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Working with their team of experts means you are getting an authentic and quality product and a high standard of service.
To learn more about their range of quality products and services simply click here to contact their passionate team.