Barrisol® Vic Services
Barrisol®Vic are the go to name when looking for a reliable and professional Barrisol® installer. All work is done according to their high standards of customer satisfaction, supplying eye-catching work time and time again with tight time lines, no matter the size or scope of the project.
Talk to their team today to see why Barrisol® is the right choice for your next construction or urban development project.
Authorised Barrisol® Installer In Melbourne
Barrisol®Vic have been delivering in-demand Barrisol® products to Victoria for 24 years. Melbourne-based Barrisol Vic have helped to shape some of the city’s most iconic buildings and institutions. That might go some way to explaining why Barrisol®Vic has been installing in Melbourne for over 24 years.
Barrisol Vic provides backup of every ceiling installed for over 24 years across Melbourne.
Top Services
At Barrisol®Vic we proud to offer the following services:
* Design
* Rapid quotations
* Proof of Concept
* Prototyping
* Installations
* Lighting design
* Custom Projects
* Bespoke Barrisol structures
We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure a quality outcome that meets the functionality and aesthetic requirements of the project.
To speak to a qualified and experienced Barrisol® installer, or to find out how Barrisol®Vic can help to transform your upcoming construction project, simply click here to contact their experienced team of professionals.