barrisol lighting
Barrisol® Lighting
Barrisol®Vic offers key-turn Barrisol translucent ceilings and LED backlighting in single package.  Barrisol Vic can design LED lighting and control for your backlit ceiling needs and guarantee a perfectly even backlit ceiling. When it comes to the supply and installation of Barrisol® Lighting in Melbourne Barrisol Vic can provide all design, prototyping and final supply in house. For 24 years we have been supplying major Victorian projects, including Federation Square, with quality Barrisol® products and providing professional installation.
Barrisol® Lighting helps to stretch and widen any room no matter the size, creating a bright, expansive and impressive illuminated space. The versatility of the ceiling sheets allows a greater freedom when it comes to lighting design and installation. Ceilings can be flat, vaulted, curved or even 3D in shape.
Want to experience the benefits for yourself? Contact the experts at Barrisol®Vic today for quick and easy installation across the impressive range of Barrisol® ceiling products. Click here to speak to a member of the experienced team.

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