What Is Barrisol®?
Barrisol® is a quality French ceiling product that turns any space into a stunning statement of style and design. This versatile product is quick to install with the option to easily incorporate various light fittings, sprinklers or vents as needed. There are a number of finishes available including gloss, mat, mirrored or translucent (backlit), each coming in a range of colours tones and shades.
The Barrisol system means that it can span large areas up to 50 square meters with only a perimeter frame and no additional support structure that can ruin the flow and look of the space. This durable material is waterproof and completely unaffected by humidity and chlorine, making it ideal for swimming pool ceiling installation. 100% recyclable and coming with a 10-year warranty, Barrisol® is the perfect option for every project when looking for an eye-catching, large scale ceiling solution.
The Melbourne-based team at Barrisol®Vic has 24 years of experience installing Barrisol® for projects across Victoria, from Federation Square to MONA in Hobart, Tasmania.
If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Barrisol® and how it can work for your projects in Victoria and Tasmania, then contact Barrisol®Vic by clicking here.

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